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Celebrations & Ceremonies

  • Marriages, Funerals, Naming and Commitments
  • Bespoke Ceremonies, Community Events & Rites of Passage
  • Ceremonial Consulting & Writing Services
  • Special Event MC
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Marriage Therapy

Love & Relationship Coaching

  • Marriage Therapy (Gottman Method Trained)
  • Couples Counselling
  • Marriage Preparation & Enrichment
  • Miracle Marriage – Education, Seminars, Workshops, Coaching, Therapy & Retreats
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End-Of-Life Consulting & Bespoke Funeral Director Services

  • Bespoke Funeral Directorial & Holistic Ceremonial Services
  • Emotional, Relational and Spiritual ‘Pastoral’ Care (non-religious)
  • Guidance, Planning, Presence & Support through illness, dying & death
  • After Death Care (Vigils, Rituals & Body Care

Find your Xmas Miracle…..in your Marriage

Kidz on the Coast –Dec/Jan 2019 Christmas and summer holidays offer up postcards of family joy, good times, love and togetherness, yet often the story behind the happy snaps can be one of strain, stress and relationship challenge. At this time of year, as a relationship coach and marriage [...]

A King Tide of Life & Love & Loss

Seniors on the Coast – Dec/Jan 2019 In my professional life as celebrant, therapist and bespoke funeral specialist my weeks are often poignant with love and loss – a juxtaposition of the deep sadness of a funeral, the joyful fizz of a wedding and perhaps the realness of a [...]

What beat is the Music of your Soul?

Kidz on the Coast - January 2019 Over the summer break I read the brick sized autobiography of Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones and the original rock’n’roll outlaw.  What a great read! What an unexpected thoughtful and endearing character and personality he turned out to be.  [...]