Seasons of Life and Love Program – Autumn 1-Day Special Offer

Seasons of Life and Love Program – Autumn 1-Day Special Offer

Achieve your true hearts desires

Master willpower with HeartPower

Have the best year of your Life & Love

Invest in yourself to make this your best year yet with a Life & Love Transformation Program.

This 1day (6hr) personal master NLP coaching session will address your one most pressing Life or Love goal and set you on a path to success by:

·Eliminating negative emotions
·Breaking old patterns of limitation, conflict and resistance
·Setting new goals motivated by desire and love, NOT fear.
Transformation Program Clients

A day spent with Sarah was one of the best decisions I’ve made, which is high praise, given that I’m a Psychologist and tend to be fairly careful at sifting through the array of self-development possibilities out there. I was awed by some of her insights and I came away with a strong and healthy mindset, prepared to find a loving, fulfilling relationship, and free of the limiting beliefs that had held me back previously. Her skill in helping me to shift my thinking was impressive. She has a powerful combination of insight, wisdom and strength, wrapped up in warmth, kindness and fun…not to be underestimated! She didn’t let me off the hook, and the ‘tasks’ she set me afterwards (to help maintain the changes I’d made) were spot on. Fiona, Psychologist, Coach & Leadership Trainer

Thank you so much for your expertise, guidance and skill to coach me out of my fear of commitment in life, procrastination, negative mindset and my spiralling financial situation. Through your dedication and commitment I now have become much more reactive in things that need to happen in my life. I am now 120% committed to my relationship thanks to you and my finances are finally under control. My current situation in life is proof that you are fantastic at what you do. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for positive change in their life. I feel empowered and committed to success in Love and life. Thanks you so much for making me a better person Sarah. Paul Ho. Business Consultant.

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About the Author:

As a Life & Love holistic celebrant, Sarah creates profound and meaningful rituals and ceremonies for all life & love events – weddings, commitments, motherhood ceremonies, namings, funerals and memorials – as well as offering the education, support and ongoing guidance that envelopes these life transitions. Sarah is also a Life & Love coach, therapist and consultant assisting individuals, couples and families to celebrate, create, navigate, learn, heal and grow through all life & love milestones, transitions, changes, challenges and losses. Her practice focuses on love, marriage & family relationships; success & lifestyle & wellness & weight-loss; grief and loss, including coping with illness, dying and death. Her specialty is as a highly skilled Marriage Therapist. Her ‘Miracle Marriage’ principles and teachings offer a contemporary, real and sustainable approach for couples to repair conflict and expand and enrich their experience of life, love and intimacy in committed relationships and marriage. Her clinical training is in the Gottman Couple Therapy Method – a scientific and evidenced based framework with more than 40years of proven research and success.