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Family & Parenting 2015-04-06T11:49:56+00:00

There is nothing more certain than change in the lives of families.  Whether you are transiting to welcoming your first child (or growing your tribe), or moving from career to home caring and back into career; or managing those adolescent years and wanting to keep the channels of communication open and emotions in tact, the need for checking in, tuning up and setting healthy goals has never been more important.

Over the course of a family’s life, we can build up a vast repertoire of limiting decision/beliefs/values and negative emotions.  At each phase we need to learn to adjust our approach and find new resources. At times, dealing with our own children can also trigger deeper issues held within our selves that need resolving so we can parent with love, compassion and consciousness.

Coaching is a supportive and affirmative therapeutic approach to adjust and deal with these changes and transitions.

Here are just some of the areas Sarah’s coaching can assist with:

  • Interpersonal Relationship issues – communication & conflict (family and extended family)
  • Conception & Pregnancy 
  • Preparation for parenthood
  • Work – Life Balance
  • Re-entering the workforce after baby
  • Childrens Wellbeing, Education & Growth – Learning Assistance, Bedwetting, Confidence & Self Esteem & Picky Eating.