Wellness & Success

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The quality of our physical health, wellbeing and success depends on mindset, personal values & beliefs, conscious emotional and mental strategies, and healthy habits.

Coaching can provide a transformative and goal-oriented path to wellness, good health, vitality, contentment and success.

Weight-Loss Coaching

In addition to mindset and mindfulness techniques that support weight-loss, Sarah is a consultant for Isagenix, one of the worlds most successful wellness companies offering natural, organic and scientifically supported solutions for weight-loss, energy & performance, healthy ageing and wealth creation. Click here for more information.

Wellness & Success Coaching
• Depression & Anxiety
• Stress Relief
• Conception & Pregnancy
• Quit Smoking
• Weight-loss and Cravings
• Sleep Problems & Bedwetting
• Social Anxieties, Fears and Phobias
• Self-esteem and Confidence
• Public Speaking
• Compulsive Behaviours.
• Illness, Disease & Allergies