Therapy / Coaching Packages, Programs & Costs

Therapy / Coaching Packages, Programs & Costs 2018-06-16T12:41:25+00:00

Therapy/Mentoring/Coaching – Value & Costs

First introductory sessions require an “talk session” to get a client history and understanding of the issues and goals.

This first session requires 2 hours and is offered at a one-off special rate of $200 for an individual and $250 for a couple. 

A 10% discount for pre-paid and pre-booked session blocks (minimum of 2 sessions booked and paid in advance). Eg: 4x 1 hr sessions or 2 x 2hr sessions for $450 (instead of $500).

Home visit surcharge is 25% of session fee.

Individual Therapy/Coaching/Mentoring:

1 hr session – $130:

1.5 hr session $175

2 hr session – $225

(crisis/overflow into next hour beyond scheduled appointment time @$130/hr)

Couple Therapy/Coaching/Mentoring:

1 hr session – $170:

1.5 hr session $225;

2 hr session – $295

(crisis/overflow into next hour beyond scheduled appointment time @$130/hr)

Individual  Therapy/ Coaching &  Mentoring

Sarah’s coaching/therapy approach is one of active change therapy. With a coaching approach, unlike talk therapy with counselling or a psychologist, in addition to ‘talking’, Sarah takes a goal/outcome based approach and will direct  efforts to bringing about change/transformation through a range of different therapeutic tools,  modalities & coaching techniques including NLP, pastoral care, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Theta Healing, EFT, meditation with intentional visualising and energy practices.

Over the phone Sarah will elicit some details about your intentions for the change work you desire and a brief history before the appointment is made.

It may be necessary to set tasking for the client to do before accepting the client to ensure she can guarantee a result. For most presenting problems, a minimum of 2-3 sessions are needed for effective results.

Clients can arrange stand alone sessions. For the most, Sarah works in 1.5hour minimum blocks of time.

For quit smoking clients, you will be asked to pay upfront, accept the treatment framework, and complete an assessment task prior to your sessions commencing.

This is to ensure you are completely committed to quitting which is half the battle won!

Individual Breakdown to Breakthrough Program – Personal Therapy –  3 x 2hr sessions or 1 Day Intensive

Breakdown-to-Breakthrough Program offers a a full day immersion addressing one significant Life & Love challenge/goal. It takes clients through a full personal history, session on values, goals, removing the negative emotions, limiting beliefs, installing a new pattern towards your goal through a selection of possible approaches – Time Line Therapy or Theta Healing/Grief-P.E.A.C.E Processes / EFT / NLP / Hypnosis. It’s great value and it is a great way to kick start things, get some rapid progress up front, be exposed to a lot of Sarah’s therapy techniques and a good foundation from which to build a supporting coaching program that keeps you moving forward and achieving your goals.

( $630 for the 1 Day – 3 x 2hr session blocks)

* This program can also be completed over multiple days – 3 x 2hr session blocks – but at the usual cost of $130/hr – total program $780.

Marriage Therapy / Couple Coaching & Mentoring

Sarah’s is fully trained in the Gottman Couple Therapy approach, one of the few couple coaching frameworks based on more than 40 years of scientic research and evidenced based testing and outcomes. Couples and therapists using this approach have the highest rate of success.  This approach combines accurate emotional psychometric testings (0nline questionnaires) using the Locke-Wallace Relationship Adjustment Test, Weiss-Cerretto Status Inventory; Sound Relationship House Questionnaire & Gottman 19 Areas Checklist; Three Detour Scale, as well as the Gottman EA & CAGE Questions to screen for any contra-indications for couple therapy.  Contra-indications to couple therapy may include significant substance abuse and physical abuse which can be discussed in the individual assessment session and appropriate referrals can be made.

Sarah’s Miracle Marriage framework involves a powerful integration of appropriate therapy, coaching and education. Sarah takes a goal/outcome based approach and will direct  efforts to bringing about change/transformation through a range of different skills, coaching, Gottam therapeutic tools and interventions, as well as other  modalities & techniques including NLP, pastoral care, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Theta Healing, EFT, meditation with intentional visualising and energy practices.

Miracle Marriage Breakthrough Program – Relationship Therapy Intro Package ( 15 hrs)

The Life & Love – Marriage Breakthrough Program can provide a profound circuit breaker to address destructive patterns and habits and a forum where you both can be heard, understand each other’s relationship needs and work towards rebuilding a life and love together.  The Program requires 100% commitment by both parties and a mutual desire to do what needs to be done for a mutually agreed outcome.  In addition to following a couple counselling framework I also utilise the modalities of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy to help you both uncover and remove the negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  Relationship communication skills and strategies are shared including understanding and learn your love language so both your needs are met you are ‘loved’.  Couples enter a renegotation and new agreements for the relationship around aligned  goals and values.

The aim of this program is to promote open communication between partners and return you on the path to love. With willing participation and positive change from both parties, harmful patterns can be changed, trust can be restored and resentments can be overcome.  Ongoing coaching sessions are highly recommended for a few months on completion of the Marriage Breakthrough Program.


Assessment Phase -6 hrs – 4 x 1.5hr sessions + online psychometric testing (90-120mins) valued at $40/couple.  Total investment – $840 or $750 when paid in total in advance.

Therapeutic Phase – 8 hrs – 4 x 2hr sessions. Total investment $1920 or $1750 when  paid in total in advance.

The cost of marriage breakthrough program is based on a 20% discount from Sarah’s normal professional hourly rate.  A further reduction of up to 10% is made possible when paid in full and in advance of sessions.

 *Please note, for all sessions/program there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

**Failure to show for a session or cancel within a days notices will require full payment of  agreed total cost of the session.

**Please also note, in order to avoid any conflict of interest, Sarah does not provide customised ‘relationship coaching/therapy/counselling’ to couples who are currently booked as her wedding ceremony clients, only the education, seminars & workshops.

Training/mentoring/education/seminars and workshops focus on positive enrichment, skills, personal awareness and healings, mindfulness, spiritual connection, and understanding a new framework and perception to bring to your relationship and new commitments for conscious living and loving.  It is not mandatory for couples preparing for marriage but highly recommended. These trainings are an optional value-added enrichment choice for Sarah’s wedding clients, and any other couples preparing for marriage, available to anyone, whether they utilise Sarah’s celebrancy services or not.