Conception & Pregnancy

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Why is it that perfectly healthy couples with no obvious medical problems cannot conceive? How often have you heard of couples doing everything – nutrition, bio-monitoring, even IVF and it isn’t working? or When they finally give up, stop trying and worrying…it happens!

I truly believe there can be emotional, mental and even spiritual blockages, outside of your conscious awareness, that can inhibit the body from conceiving. These may be, for example, fears about being pregnant & giving birth, fears and conflict about career interruption, childhood family trauma, or limiting beliefs about ability to be a parent.

With Conception Coaching you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally – as well as all you need to do physically – to optimize your conception success.

Sarah’s Breakdown-to-Breakthrough Program can assist by removing all fears and limiting beliefs and creating a positive, goal-oriented and emotionally stable environment for your family planning endeavors. Once pregnant, and if you feel your fears continue, creating new worries about your pregnancy and impending birth, then NLP Pregnancy Coaching can also support your journey with ongoing coaching to ensure all anxieties, fears and limiting beliefs are systematically dealt with and your baby’s arrival is safe and calm.