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Radio Interview Series with Daniella Cowen: Love, Relationships & Marriage

Daniella Cowen is a broadcaster/journalist for Radio Northern Beaches presenting a program called “Conversations The Matter”. To listen to more of her interesting conversations, you can find her here.

Over four months Daniella and I recorded 4 interviews delving into all things Love, Relationships and Marriage.  In the first two episodes we covered what makes relationships work and what makes them vulnerable, we talked about a model for a healthy relationship and some of the skills and understandings that it takes (based on my Miracle Marriage program) and then we dove in deep for the last two episodes on the juicy topics of Trust & Positive Conflict.

I hope you enjoy xx Sarah.

Love, Relationships & Marriage – Episode 1

Listen to Daniella and Sarah Tolmie chat about Love, Relationships and Marriage. Sarah is a life and love coach and marital therapist. Listen to this conversation about what causes relationships to fail and how to make relationships work.


Love, Relationships & Marriage – Episode 2

Join Daniella and Sarah as they discuss all things Love, Relationships and Marriage. What does make committed relationships work? What is the foundation of a healthy relationship? What is your love language? Enjoy this fascinating conversation with a Love and Life Coach.


Love, Relationships & Marriage – Episode 3

Just love chatting with this lady – Sarah Tolmie. Sarah is a life and love coach and is passionate about helping people to build strong relationships. Listen to the latest episode all about trust. Discover what erodes trust, how to build it, and how to maintain trust in committed relationships.


Love, Relationships & Marriage – Episode 4

Listen to a conversation with love and life coach Sarah Tolmie and Daniella Cowen. Learn how to have positive conflict. Discover the importance of learning skills that will help you in all of your relationships.