The value of an holistic approach

Wedding Pics 014The ceremony is the defining ritual of your special occasion, and when crafted with care and skill, it can be a wonderful and uplifting experience for everyone. Making it personal, heartfelt, real and authentic is the key to a great ceremony and that requires a process of engagement with you and your celebrant to properly research, plan and prepare.

As a boutique celebrant, I specialise in bespoke ceremonies, custom created for every individual and couple, and unique to your needs, values, personality and style. Every ceremony I create is individually written, crafted and designed with the value placed on getting to know my clients and conducting personal interviews and questionnaires in order to authentically and genuinely represent YOU.

As an holistic celebrant, this means I care not only about your wedding, but you as a couple, your guests and your marriage itself!  I can ‘hold space’ for the full needs, emotions and experience.  It means I am invested in the meaning, the ritual and the process.  And I am there for you as a resource, mentor and guide before, during and after the wedding for the ongoing, lifelong success of your marriage.

Also, the role of celebrant involves a significant legal responsibility and as appointees of the Attorney General’s office we are tasked to undertake quite serious due diligence checks and rigor on the applications submitted by our couples for which we are specially trained and registered, and for which we must comply to ongoing registration and professional education and renewal. Working with me, you will have peace of mind that your ceremony will be professionally conducted, expertly crafted and performed and given the proper attention, love and focus it deserves.  I have 13 years of professional celebrancy practice. I am fully insured with professional indemnity and public liability.

Invest in experience & excellence

A ceremony or ritual is not something we often purchase. In many ways it is an ‘intangible’ – an ‘experience’ – you are investing in. Often couples have unrealistic expectations about the cost/ value of a ceremony and think all celebrants are the same and simply shop on price alone. I urge you to check out the ‘value’ in the service and the skill and calibre of the celebrant.

My service delivers over and above best practice and offer the most fabulous, beautiful and meaningful of ceremonies. I can confidently say I do fabulous ceremonies…memorable ceremonies…special experience ceremonies….heart and soul ceremonies of significant meaning and craft.

Be realistic with your budget for a celebrant and invest properly in someone with experience, someone who takes the time to know you, someone who can deliver to what you want, and a celebrant who will have an genuine personal investment in making it a fabulous experience for you and your guests.

The visible role of the celebrant culminates in the delivery of the ceremony on the day, however to create the perfect ceremony for each individual and cultivate a calm, natural and confident flow of proceedings, what you see on the day is just the tip of the iceberg. The planning, preparation and delivery of a best-practice ceremony takes time, care and attention. Working with my wedding couples, I usually spend anything between 15-20 hours per couple – a minimum of 2 x 1.5/hr consultations, unlimited contact, custom written bespoke ceremony, preparation of materials, rehearsal, travel and 2hrs onsite on ceremony day.

I appreciate a bespoke and boutique service may not be within everyone’s budget or need, therefore I have an express early/mid week no fuss marriage service, very close to the pricing you can enjoy for a similarly costed Registry Office service, however this also includes travel to your venue of choice and a lovely pre-written ceremony (which is guaranteed to be the best of my ceremony collection and way nicer than ANY registry ‘standard’)…and delivered with love and care by me. This enables me to cater for those with an entry level budget, or those planning an overseas celebration but still needing the legals, better than any Registry Office alternative, with a simple, lovely, heartfelt and beautiful ceremony.

Other Life & Life Ceremonies, Celebrations and Rite of Passage Rituals

  • Full Holistic Ceremonial Services – Weekend & Public Holidays – $1200;  Weekdays – $1000
  • Local, Little, Legal + Love (Registry -Style Option) Mondays – Wednesdays 10-4pm.  $650.
    • COVID-19 special Valid until restrictions lift – $550 Weekddays and $650 Weekends.
    • Includes all legals & registering marriage. Travel up to 30kms. Online process and limited face2face process. Pre-written ceremony + customised section/vows. FB Livestream where WiFi is available. Indoor or Outdoor venue. Can play music on my PA. Signing Table provided.
  • Weekend + Commitment Ceremonies and Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows – Weekday $880. Weekend $990
  • Namegiving Ceremony – $550.
  • Motherhood Ceremony – $660
  • ‘Holistic’ Hens & ‘Soul Sista’ Circles – $660
  • Special Event “Mistress of Ceremonies” – $110/hr
  • Ceremony Consulting & Writing Services – $110/hr

End-of-Life Consulting, Holistic Funeral Planning, Direction and Bespoke Funeral Ceremonial Services.

End-of-Life Consulting

First Consultation – $250 for 2hrs + Summary Report/Actions Outline/Quote

Includes a complete practical, relational and spiritual conversation in preparation of end-of-life planning – covering funeral options and choices, current wellbeing and wishes, family landscape and relationship & spiritual needs, inventory/directions on some key documentation to be prepared/aware of/activated – such as, advance care directive, will, enduring guardianship, power of attorney, funeral insurance or preparing a pre-need and/or pre-paid funeral plan. A full summary of the meeting key points including wishes, ideas and follow up actions to take will be provided, as well as a fully itemised quote/estimate of funeral costs as per discussed wishes, if desired.

[note: home visit incur a 25% surcharge on top of the consultation fee to cover travel]

Ongoing Consultations @$130/hr

Holistic Celebrancy

Phase 1 – Funeral Planning, Writing & Preparation Services

  • $100/hour +GST. Time is billed in 15min intervals and includes all meetings, phone calls, edits, music source/preparation, liaison with other suppliers/contributors and ceremony writing time.

Phase 2 – Funeral/Memorial/Celebration of Life Ceremony: Day of Ceremony

  • Ceremony Delivery Fee based on minimum of 3hrs – includes travel up to 100kms round trip, set up/pack away, liason with family, delivery of ceremony, provision of lectern, PA system, table, printed booklet, a recording of the ceremony, of course, delivery of the ceremony. Weekday – $400+GST & Weekend $500+GST
  • $100 +GST /hour beyond 3hrs.

Additional travel costs when travel exceeds 100kms for the round trip. These costs are charged at $1km or $50/hr after first hour, and for regional and interstate, upon negotiation. Any costs/supplies/contractors paid  by Sarah on behalf of the client incur a 20% service fee.

Bespoke Funeral Director Services

Picaluna offer a completely transparent pricing approach, sharing with you the actual costs of each item/service you need to deliver the funeral of your choice. Picaluna then simply add a 35% service fee on the total amount.  Picaluna is also a ‘for-profit’ social enterprise, donating 10% of its profit to a charity or medical organization of your choice on your beloveds behalf. To learn a little more about Picaluna and myself, here is a short video introducing the Picaluna approach

Create a Miracle Marriage – Workshop.

A fun and insightful private session offering a proven framework to create, sustain and evolve your marriage and the essential skills for lifelong loving. (2.5hrs @ $300) Click here to view Sarah’s Life & Love Coaching, Marital Therapy & Programs and End-of-life Consulting Services


For all ceremonies, any travel above 100kms per trip is charged at $1per/km or $50hr after first hour, on day of ceremony. For longer road trips, travel is charged at $50/hour after the first hour. (For rehearsal I try to organise my diary and appointments so I don’t have to charge travel. However for Hunter, Southern Sydney & beyond (regional) I can offer a 50% discount on travel for any rehearsal/site visits or for additional travel not initially specified…the rehearsal and reccy is important…don’t scrimp on doing without!) For independent advice on fees and the standards of service expected of a professional celebrant, please take a look at the advice given by the leading training organisation and referral centre for celebrants Australia-wide – The International College of Celebrancy.

Additionally, I have 100% happy customers (and testimonials) who would be happy to speak with you should you feel that necessary to make your decision.

Cancellations & Postponements and T&Cs

Booking Fee/Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date

If ceremony is cancelled within a month & one day from ceremony date, full costs of final balance will still be required (excluding travel & accomm). For these couples, if the celebrant is engaged for a rescheduled ceremony, a ceremony delivery fee will be charged. $440 weekday & $550 weekend + any additional travel and costs.  If for some sad reason celebrant cannot commit to the rescheduled ceremony date, the ceremony written is IP that remains with the celebrant and is NOT to be given to the next celebrant to deliver.

If ceremony is cancelled before the month & on day cut-off period from ceremony, however it is written and meetings/plannings sessions have been undertaken since booking, celebrant can bill for time and value of work to date completed. For these couples, if the celebrant is engaged for a rescheduled ceremony, a new agreement and financial arrangement begins, including a new booking fee.