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Hello Life & Love family. OMG what a wild month of April we had with the storms. I hope everyone emerged safe, intact and OK. Not to mention the big emotional moments and turmoil that April also brought, such as the 100th Centenary of ANZAC Day, the execution of the Andrew and Myu, and the devastation of the earthquake in Nepal. I don’t know about you, but it was a month I needed to draw on prayer, meditation, tapping (see my demo below), the love of family and friends, and a deep practice of gratitude to keep me nourished and balanced. As we move into May, may the sun shine and love prevail.

In amongst the chaos, love and joy trumped all, with April delivering some fabulous memorable weddings with amazing couples – congratulations to Mr and Mrs Archer, (see Feature Wedding below), Mr and Mrs Dowd, Mr and Mrs Walton and Mr and Mrs Baker. Welcome to the Life & Love family.

On another celebratory note I hope every mother, grandmother, and mother-to-be will be showered with love and appreciation on Mothers Day, this coming Sunday 10th May. And I offer my heartfelt love and prayers of remembrance and love for those who no longer have their mums to share this day with too. Let them shine in your hearts.

Many of you may know what an important and big role my gorgeous mum plays in my life – she is my role model, an inspiration of healthy and fun ageing, a regular source for wardrobe updates (she’s pretty funky) and most importantly, one of my biggest supporters and wisest counsel. She’ll be getting some big time love and appreciation….and I hope my boys remember me too.. ha ha!! Check out my article below, ironic timing really, reflecting on a not so proud parenting moment – “Enabling mistakes – a life & love lesson for an over-achieving mum”.

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Much love, Sarah. xx

Wellness & Success

My therapy tool of choice to help manage my emotional well-being is a tool called Tapping, (EFT) which is like acupuncture for your emotions. It offers relief from intense emotions and situations as well as stimulating deep healing. Check out my demo video on Tapping and click here for the cheat sheet diagram.

Parenting & Family Life

Check out my latest article for Kidz on the Coast (page 26) – “Enabling mistakes – a life & love lesson for an over achieving mum”. This time I’m using one of my teens as creative fodder. Remember this parenting failure moment of mine as inspiration to lighten up and love them wholeheartedly for them..[readmore]

Feature Wedding

Lauren and Chris Archer were married at Shelly Beach Golf Club in what was a miracle of a sunny sunny Saturday in April. Childhood sweethearts, wickedly funny and down to earth, ..[readmore]

Looking for a great musical duo (or trio or even full band too) for your next party, wedding and celebration?

Troy Henderson and Jason Hicks have played at many of my ceremonies and celebrations. In fact, I married Troy and his beautiful wife Jess many years ago.

Anyway, Troy and Jason are a super talented pair of musicians and very professional….just ask Mr and Mrs Archer!


Click here to check out their demo video samplers: Video 1 & Video 2

To book them for your next event, contact Jess at: or visit

Love & Relationship Readiness Group Coaching Program

One of my most successful coaching programs is my Love & Relationship Readiness Group Coaching Program for single women. So far, in the last year, it has created 6 current and thriving new love relationships. It’s a gentle, fun and supportive learning experience that takes participants on a loving journey to awaken the potential to invite  real love and a meaningful relationship into their lives.
Combining proven relationship wisdoms, practical skills, tips and techniques, and transformative processes, the course will move you towards self-love,  self-empowerment, heart healing, and relationship readiness. Light refreshments provided. Limit of 4 – 8 participants. Cost:  $250pp.

Sarah Tolmie – Life & Love. Sarah is a Life & Love Celebrant, Coach and Consultant specializing in growth, success and happiness in all areas of life and love – family, love & relationships; health, wellness & weight management. Sarah is also a consultant and pastoral care practitioner in the areas of grief, loss and end-of-life care.

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