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End-Of-Life Consulting & Bespoke Funeral Director Services

  • Bespoke Funeral Directorial & Holistic Ceremonial Services
  • Emotional, Relational and Spiritual ‘Pastoral’ Care (non-religious)
  • Guidance, Planning, Presence & Support through illness, dying & death
  • After Death Care (Vigils, Rituals & Body Care

Spring Weddings in Review – Congrats to all my couples

Wow....I have enjoyed a cracker season of weddings in Spring.  It pays to book your key wedding suppliers in advance because September, October & November are definitely peak months (along with Feb & March). Congratulations to all my couples: Mr and Mrs Halliday, Mr & Mrs Monaghan, Mr & Mrs [...]

Dying to have the conversation

Article for Seniors on the Coast - August 2015 Death is a profound rite of passage that escapes no-one. Facing the end of life process – whether through illness or old age, disease or accident – can be made meaningful and bearable by creating the appropriate rituals and celebrations. End [...]

Suzanne and Chris’s magical community bushy love festival wedding!

My 2015 Weddings Season, and my second decade as a celebrant began with a joyful first ceremony of September for my dear friends Suzanne Grant and Chris Halliday. In between the Friday and Sunday rain and gloom, Saturday the 5th emerged with warmth and gorgeous sunshine. It was a big [...]

Life & Love Newsletter August 2015

Matters of LIFE & LOVE August 2015 Thank you for all who supported my Dry July efforts. I raised $225 for CoastCanCare and an incredble $3.8 million was raised overall for 42 cancer support organisations across Australia. It's a great community activity and I felt fab physically and [...]