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The Parenting “Condition”

Sometimes however, in this tough gig called ‘parenting’ not all our interactions feel ‘unconditionally loving’ simply because the child/parent dynamic is full of ‘conditions’ of engagement. We have to say ‘no’ a lot. We disappoint and discipline. Kidz on the Coast article –August 2015 As parents the love [...]

Marta and Stephen say I Do

I love Marta and Stephen. I met them at another dear couples wedding Leonie and Samir's at Bells last year and we hit it off.  Originally Marta and Stephen were planning to travel back to Stephen's homeland in England to marry, but it was all too bureaucratic to achieve and early [...]

Evolving into Being – Seniors on the Coast Jun/Jul 2015

This weekend my mum celebrated her 72nd birthday. Over the course of the weekend she was guest of honour and indulged with beautiful gatherings and gifted many lovely presents. It culminated in a long lazy lunch surrounded by her trusty gaggle of wonderful gal pals, who adore and admire her [...]

Wollombi Wedding

It's not every day this celebrant gets permission to wear her suede caramel crop boots for ceremony.  Misty and Ryan were married at a family members home on the amazing ridge of Wollombi Valley in the most OMG country fab wedding I have seen for a while. Misty and Ryan [...]

It’s ok, don’t panic, he’s just a teenager!

Kidz on the Coast article (May 2015) Nothing makes you feel old, instantly, than the stark distance between you and your teenager. My natural youthfulness and hipster ways fade immediately with a disgruntled grunt and eye-rolling snarl (or what’s otherwise known as communication efforts sometimes) from teenage son number one. [...]

Life & Love Newsletter May 2015

Matters of LIFE & LOVE Hello Life & Love family. OMG what a wild month of April we had with the storms. I hope everyone emerged safe, intact and OK. Not to mention the big emotional moments and turmoil that April also brought, such as the 100th [...]