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As a professional coach myself, my standards are high when it comes to choosing a coach for me. I very quickly felt comfortable with Sarah’s credibility, ability and compassion. She quickly and supportively honed in on the core of what I needed to address. I have made some significant shifts and am now more clearly focused on what I really want and value.  I highly recommend her to you. MS, Executive Coach

A day spent with Sarah was one of the best decisions I’ve made, which is high praise, given that I’m a Psychologist and tend to be fairly careful at sifting through the array of self-development possibilities out there. I was awed by some of her insights and I came away with a strong and healthy mindset, prepared to find a loving, fulfilling relationship, and free of the limiting beliefs that had held me back previously. Her skill in helping me to shift my thinking was impressive. She has a powerful combination of insight, wisdom and strength, wrapped up in warmth, kindness and fun…not to be underestimated! She didn’t let me off the hook, and the ‘tasks’ she set me afterwards (to help maintain the changes I’d made) were spot on. Fiona, Psychologist, Coach and Leadership Trainer

Thank you so much for your expertise, guidance and skill to coach me out of my fear of commitment in life, procrastination, negative mindset and my spiralling financial situation. Through your dedication and commitment I now have become much more reactive in things that need to happen in my life. I am now 120% committed to my relationship thanks to you and my finances are finally under control. My current situation in life is proof that you are fantastic at what you do. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for positive change in their life. I feel empowered and committed to success in Love and life. Thanks you so much for making me a better person Sarah. Paul Ho. Business Consultant.

I found NLP to be transformative in my life. I have suffered from depression since adolescence and the timeline therapy really helped me release much of the emotional pain I have carried around with me for many years. I have felt much ‘lighter’ since my breakthrough session with Sarah. The small things that used to set me into a tailspin no longer bother me and I feel freer. Sarah was gentle and nurturing throughout the process and has provided me with wonderful ongoing support. Years of therapy couldn’t do what NLP did in one session. Natalie, Teacher & Mother

I was a smoker for 30 years, and Sarah Tolmie’s NLP and hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me. I haven’t smoked for 6 weeks now, and this is a huge achievement for me as i have tried patches, gum, cold turkey and always relapsed back within a week. Thank You Sarah for your help, and i recommend her professional help to kick the dirty habit forever. Srini

NLP rocks! As does Sarah. Her professional and caring approach helped me to integrate the parts in me that were holding me back with my desire to stop smoking. She can’t do miracles but the combination of NLP and hypnosis will free you to achieve your desires – what ever they are. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional and novel approach to tackling life’s obstacles.Louise

Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for an amazing experience and I have great pleasure in providing the following testimonial. “The journey I took with Sarah in her programme of manifesting love was surprising, insightful, fun and completely transformative. Week by week I was gently led down a path of discovery which revealed aspects of my thought processes and behaviour which I could see and feel limit me from meeting, attracting and being ready and open to a loving relationship. The internal search for what it was I sought from a life partner, what I would offer in the relationship and actually articulating these thoughts was not only revealing but incredibly centering and rewarding. The tasks I was set each week were great fun and reinforced the magical journey. The effect of the programme is lasting and life changing on so many levels and I have been completely taken by surprise by the transformation in my outlook and behaviour. I feel positive, I act positively and I enjoy the wait for the manifestation of a great love in my life – I am ready. Thank you Sarah” All the best, Kate Noble.

Dear Sarah, I would like to convey to you my appreciation and admiration of your wonderful Manifest Your Life and Love Partner Program. I have so enjoyed each session with you as the sessions are not only incredibly insightful and effective they are such so much fun – as are the homework projects. Following each session I have experienced a lasting sense of knowing, release of negative thoughts which have been replaced by positive ones, and a lightness of heart and mind. I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me – your wonderful insight, knowledge and gentle approach are an invaluable part of my ongoing spiritual journey and have given me confidence and direction for my life ahead.With many thanks and much gratitude –Charmian xxoo

I used to read very slowly and never retain all that I’d read. This concerned me as I was studying for a change in career. In this course I needed to be able to remember many facts. Sarah’s sessions not only helped me to read faster but retain and recall over 90% of what I’d read. When it came to the course assessments, I achieved 93-98% in my results. This is something I previously was unable to attain.I’m thrilled with what Sarah enabled me to achieve. Thanks Sarah. Ysolde

We had tried everything when it came to my eldest son’s bedwetting. At 13 years of age we were running out of options. I didn’t want to revert always to medication. Hearing about the success she was able to achieve with another child, I turned to Sarah’s hypnotherapy.After the session, N found himself feeling more confident and as he put it “normal”. Since the session N has only wet once. Mother of N, 13 year old boy

After working with Sarah and experiencing Hypnosis I was able to maximise my learning capacity and energy for a new large work project I am embarking on. With hypnosis Sarah was able to increase my learning capacity and helped to integrate all the information and practice I had experienced so that it could be recalled and performed easily by me. This has greatly increased my competence and confidence within a short space of time. Thank you Sarah. Paul

Sarah helped me gain clarity on an inner conflict that has been preventing me from making the kind of money that I would like. We integrated the conflicting parts and a great shift occurred. Her skills are immense and I am so grateful Sarah helped me back on the right path again. Thanks so much Sarah! Sean

The NLP and hypnosis techniques that Sarah used when working with me helped me to overcome some significant negative emotions and experiences from my past and to also get back on track for a healthy lifestyle. As a result of my newfound confidence and self esteem I am now focusing on expanding my career and ‘live the life I’ve always dreamed of’. Thank you Sarah for helping me to surge forward. Hilary