In our travels through life and love every one of us will encounter set-backs, disappointments and even tragedies. And the longer we live, the more exposure we will have to changes, loss and grief. It is how we navigate through them that is important.

Everyone at some point in their life will suffer grief and quite possibly life altering, debilitating, long lasting grief. Some research indicates it can typically take 5-8years for a widower to regain a sense of wellbeing and for some, never.  The cost of suffering grief is staggering. Joy, health, vitality, relationships, creativity, productivity, clarity and prosperity all suffer. However life carries on with or without your engagement.

Grief is absolutely normal, essential and healthy. It may be a lifelong process, but it should not stop you living your life. That old soothing phrase “it takes time” and “time heals all wounds” is misguided and wrong.  Feeling happy, calm and at peace is not a luxury or something that you must wait years for to return, but an essential and necessity in life, right now. How can you make good decisions, care for yourself and others, be productive and healthy if you are in a constant state of  upset, fear, grief, anxiety, heartbreak and overwhelm?

Unresolved grief is epidemic in modern life. It is a vicious cycle, with the causes of grief, such as divorce, disease, loss of job, depression, bankruptcy, premature aging and death, feeding a closed loop system by also becoming the effects of sustained grief.  In the workplace grief causes lost productivity, accidents and absenteeism.  Chronic stress from grief can prematurely age your cells by a decade. It can even trigger disease and death.

The cost of grief is too high to ignore and leave for time to heal. It is not time that heals, but what you do in that time. Healing requires intention and action.  It requires a specific set of skills and guidance and people around you. Where and how does that happen? Unfortunately, the most common experience for those grieving is a lack of available resources, support and knowledge.  Well-meaning friends can only provide so much and then their lives will again take priority. As a society, we have not been consciously taught the skills to recognise and release our emotions; to master our emotional state; or how to make the conscious changes required to rebuild anew.

Grief, Change & Loss Coaching
Sarah offers individual, couple and family coaching through any change, challenge, crisis, loss & bereavement; private pastoral care consultations; professional challenge and crisis counselling and debriefing.

Holistic Consultant Services
Sarah provides consulting servivces to individuals and families facing illness, death and dying including end-of-life support plans, end-stage rituals and funeral/memorial services.

Therapeutic Support & Care + Spiritual Chaplaincy
Sarah brings to her coaching and consulting repertoire transformational techniques for healing and emotional relief include: Theta Healing®, Hypnosis, NLP, Spiritual Counselling & Prayer, P.E.A.C.E Process & Energy Practices and heart-based meditative and visualisation techniques to support wellbeing, vitality and sense of meaning whilst working though and living through grief, loss and change.