Some relationships serve their purpose and reach completion.

being-stillThis is a new area of ceremony and ritual in our western culture but one deserving of thought and consideration. The dissolution of a relationship and a marriage can be a great trauma, even in the most amicable of terms. It creates a massive reorganisation of families, relationships and social communities – both physically and emotionally. When children are involved, it is even more important to part in a way that keeps their sense of who you are, and who they are in tact.

I believe you can end a relationship and part in a healthy way. Firstly, by believing that a relationship that has come to an end is NOT a FAILURE, but simply the end of the road for that part of your journey.

Through ceremony you can give thanks for the learnings and experience, honour and acknowledge how you and your partner have grown through being with each other, give thanks, forgive and release each other from your vows with a generosity of spirit. When children see this, they can understand and be supported through the transition of changes knowing that it is an evolution, not an ending.

Even if partings are not amicable, with just one partner doing a ceremony, this too has an amazing and powerful affect and can be the start for energetic healings.