Prior to her unique practice bringing magic, miracles and meaning to all things Life & Love, career was in corporate communications, PR, media, events and adult education. Sarah now combines her complete experience and unique expertise to create a range of educational, engaging and enjoyable experiences and events that aim to continue to enrich, enhance and evolve people through Life & Love.

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Online Courses

Creating a Miracle Marriage: Online Course for Couples
Miracle Marriage Toolkit
Landscapes of life & love and loss – traversing the pathways of dying, death and grief 
• How Do You Feel – Using the intelligence of emotions to heal and be whole

Presentations, Workshops & Training Offerings

• The 5 Languages of Love
• Mindfully Wed
• Manifesting Love & Your Next Right Relationship
• Dying to Know Day
• Death Soiree
• How to plan for an Authentic Funeral
• Living, Loving and Laughing through Loss
• Laughter Yoga
• Self-Care & Compassion for Clinical Practitioners

“Sunsetting” – Planning for end-of-life and funeral wishes. Community Workshops (FREE)

Sarah invites you to begin an ongoing conversation with your loved-ones and family to identify your wishes and needs and make plans for your end-of-life care and funeral.
Sarah will present and initiate conversations on various topics around death & dying, funerals planning, end-of-life, and even grief, to bring this information into our natural every-day consciousness. Sometimes also including guest speakers from various areas of expertise.
Sarah’s focus is to de-mystify death and End-of-Life knowledge and capacity into people’s life skills set. Sarah’s aim is to help you to become aware and ready and resourced for the most predictable and guaranteed experience in life…and that is death.
Her desire is to broaden and frame all the discussions to be “all faith – any faith – no faith” diverse and inclusive; to explore all the options and choices – from green, natural and alternative options as well as traditional; to be bespoke and person-centred, as well as holistically holding the needs of family and community.


Sarah is holding 4 Sunsetting Events in 2024. The last Sunday of March, May, July and November.

Location: Life & Love Studio HQ – 112 Blackwall Road Woy Woy

Attendance is FREE.

#1 – Sunday March 31st 3-5pm

#2 – Sunday May 26th 3-5pm

#3 – Sunday July 28th 3-5pm

# – Sunday December 1st 3-5pm