Why & How to talk to my family about my funeral wishes?

After Ryans private home farewell a larger community memorial was held at his parent's in-law property - complete with pizza van and beers. Not many of us die unexpectedly. In fact, for the most part, our deaths are like a slow train coming and we experience a [...]

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Matters of Life & Love – On The Coast 55+ - Dec2022_Jan2023 Reader Question: “Our family is getting very large and multigenerational. We are now great-parents.  We’ve been buying Christmas presents for many many many years now. Not only is it getting expensive, we also don’t want to stress [...]

2022-10-31T17:09:02+11:00October 31st, 2022|

Matters of Life & Love – Families – May/June 2022 Reader Question: “My kids play soccer throughout Winter. I really do not enjoy going. It is early, cold, often wet and I get very triggered by the loud shouty, almost bully parents on the sidelines.  How do I endure?  [...]

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Matters of Life & Love – 55+ - March 2022 Reader Question: “I’ve been to four funerals in the last 3 months.  All good friends in my age group which is around or over 65 years old.  It’s too much. I feel numb.  I’m thinking I never want to [...]

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Matters of Life & Love – 55+ - November/December Issue 2021 Reader Question: “My dog died. He was my constant companion these last 17years on my own. I have had many griefs in my life. I lost my husband 15 years ago. My brother only 2 months ago.  I [...]

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Matters of Life & Love – On the Coast Families - October 2021 Reader Question: “My husband and I have very different parenting styles. We have two young sons. I like to explain the whys and consequences but my husband is less patient, and will just say it is [...]

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