Staying Calm in Uncertain Times.

On the Coast #Families  – AprilMay 2020 Staying Calm in Uncertain Times. With the bush fires all calmed by March it seemed like finally we could exhale with relief and rebuild and resume lives and then the Coronavirus pandemic arrived. As I write this now in mid-March, by the [...]

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2040 – Fact-based dreaming to create a better future.

On the Coast #Families  – February March 2020 2040 – Fact-based dreaming to create a better future. Over the summer holidays our family became a bit fatigued at the stress of the bushfire emergency, the unrelenting news coverage and its link to the real climate emergency our planet is [...]

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Summer of surrender – time to love and let be

On the Coast #Families  – Dec/Jan 2019/20 Summer of surrender – time to love and let be It is officially Summer. School is done. Holidays are here. The weather is great…..I hope. We are busy with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with family and friends. So why does a [...]

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100 Years creating the new human

Kidz on the Coast - JUNE 2019 100 EDITIONS SPECIAL 100 Years creating the new human Happy 100th issue Kidz on the Coast.   And congratulations on the new evolution of the magazine. So much can grow and develop in 100 issues or 100 days. What about 100 years! What [...]

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A King Tide of Life & Love & Loss

Seniors on the Coast – Dec/Jan 2019 In my professional life as celebrant, therapist and bespoke funeral specialist my weeks are often poignant with love and loss – a juxtaposition of the deep sadness of a funeral, the joyful fizz of a wedding and perhaps the realness of a [...]

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What beat is the Music of your Soul?

Kidz on the Coast - January 2019 Over the summer break I read the brick sized autobiography of Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones and the original rock’n’roll outlaw.  What a great read! What an unexpected thoughtful and endearing character and personality he turned out to be.  [...]

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Looking for a Marriage Miracle?

From Kidz onthe Coast Magazine - 2016 April - May Issue I’ll get straight to the nitty gritty. In your marriage has the spark gone? Are you growing in parallel silos or unevenly or in different directions? Not talking anymore or only about the kids and home chores?  Are [...]

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Peace on earth begins with your family

Kidz on the Coast (Dec/Jan 2015) When I interview couples for their weddings, and I ask about the importance of their family, this phrase is almost word for word repeated countless times, “my family is my world”. I think this is even more true than we know….even for people who [...]

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Dying to have the conversation

Article for Seniors on the Coast - August 2015 Death is a profound rite of passage that escapes no-one. Facing the end of life process – whether through illness or old age, disease or accident – can be made meaningful and bearable by creating the appropriate rituals and celebrations. End [...]

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