Find your Xmas Miracle… your Marriage

Kidz on the Coast –Dec/Jan 2019 Christmas and summer holidays offer up postcards of family joy, good times, love and togetherness, yet often the story behind the happy snaps can be one of strain, stress and relationship challenge. At this time of year, as a relationship coach and marriage [...]

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Looking for a Marriage Miracle?

From Kidz onthe Coast Magazine - 2016 April - May Issue I’ll get straight to the nitty gritty. In your marriage has the spark gone? Are you growing in parallel silos or unevenly or in different directions? Not talking anymore or only about the kids and home chores?  Are [...]

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Spring Weddings in Review – Congrats to all my couples

Wow....I have enjoyed a cracker season of weddings in Spring.  It pays to book your key wedding suppliers in advance because September, October & November are definitely peak months (along with Feb & March). Congratulations to all my couples: Mr and Mrs Halliday, Mr & Mrs Monaghan, Mr & Mrs [...]

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Marta and Stephen say I Do

I love Marta and Stephen. I met them at another dear couples wedding Leonie and Samir's at Bells last year and we hit it off.  Originally Marta and Stephen were planning to travel back to Stephen's homeland in England to marry, but it was all too bureaucratic to achieve and early [...]

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Sarah & Luke. Mindaribba House, March 2015

Sarah and Luke Tucker were married at Mindaribba House in Tocal in March. Sarah and Luke were married at the beautiful Mindaribba House in the Hunter Valley in March 2015. It was a weekend affair of family, love and laughter. What can I say, I drove home singing at [...]

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The Entity of Marriage

Kidz on the Coast article (Jan 2015) When I prepare my wedding couples for their wedding day and planning for their ceremony, I think it is my duty of care to have a discussion about marriage.  I want to understand what their values and expectations are, and also share some [...]

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