Sarah and Luke Tucker were married at Mindaribba House in Tocal in March.

Sarah and Luke were married at the beautiful Mindaribba House in the Hunter Valley in March 2015. It was a weekend affair of family, love and laughter.

Sarah and Luke were married at the beautiful Mindaribba House in the Hunter Valley in March 2015. It was a weekend affair of family, love and laughter.

What can I say, I drove home singing at the top of my voice after this ceremony I was on such a high! 

I love this couple,  they were so grounded, so in love, so funny!

And how did this love begin……at the office of course!  And in Sarah’s words, she “accidentally put her boobs in Luke face as she leaned over his desk to ask him a question!”

Sarah thought Luke was very interesting and a little mysterious and was intrigued to find out more…….firstly as friends….Sarah learned about Luke’s humour, intelligence and weirdness, but it wasn’t until she saw Luke’s legs in shorts that the attraction began to intensify.

And for Luke, the experience was pretty similar.  He found Sarah incredibly funny, inappropriate and full of personality and confidence. And the fact that she was, quote ….”so damn sexy” was not lost on him!

And what do they love about each other?


I love how fiercely loyal and caring Luke is. Luke loves with his whole heart and then some! He makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world and would do absolutely anything for you. I love his devotion to the people he cares about and how he believes in you, particularly during the times you don’t necessarily believe in yourself. He sees the best in people, all the time.  He makes me feel Special! So special. He makes me feel like I am an incredible person who can do anything and everything. He gives me confidence and supports me, which is something I really need from my partner. Luke also makes me really happy by making me laugh and by always going above and beyond. And most importantly, I love how happy he is. His positivity and energy. Also, his legs. Great legs.


Sarah has so many qualities I adore. Her honesty, vivaciousness, her ability to care so deeply for others.  I love her quirks, like her neatness, her love of Tupperware….seriously she buys containers to put containers in! who does that? it’s hilarious…..And she loves me. Truly and deeply. And it is an incredible feeling when someone as special as Sarah feels that way about you. She makes me feel happy, constantly. And Lucky. I am the luckiest guy in the world to be with her. She makes me feel I can achieve anything. Like I can always be a better man. She is my life. My true north.

After the ceremony Sarah and Luke invited me to stay for refreshments and celebrate with their guests.  It is one of the real privileges of my job to meet so many lovely people, and engage and connect with the family.  I also love to see how my couple’s celebrations carry forth after the ceremony too, and see how my couple re-integrate back into the bosom of their community, transformed, affirmed and surrounded by love. It is so joyful and beautiful.


Feedback from Mr & Mrs Tucker:

“We really felt like Sarah was interested in making this wedding about us as much as possible. Her survey was genius. It really helped us to identify WHY we were doing this, which is a really important part of a wedding. She personalized things and asked lots of questions. She also offered us lots of ideas and help – especially with the vows. The best part was that Sarah understood what kind of ceremony we wanted and created a really nice balance between it being fun but also spiritual. We knew we could count on her from the day we met her. She is incredibly professional but above that, she becomes your friend during the process. That’s even more important. 

Our ceremony was PERFECT. It was the truest express of us as a couple than what we could have ever asked for. On the day did the ceremony meet our expectations? No it wasn’t. It was even better! We knew Sarah would be great, but on the day, she really was such an incredible support. Our guests loved the ceremony – people were crying everywhere. Even the boys and people we didn’t expect to cry! One friend had been to five weddings over the past month and we were the only wedding she cried at! Everyone could hear it and was really engaged. 

Sarah, thanks for taking the time to really get to know us and seeing this as a special day. You went above and beyond and we felt your genuineness and love from day one. We really felt like for you this was a privilege and not just a job and we’re eternally grateful that we choose you to help us tie the knot! Love, Mr and Mrs Tucker.”


Check out these venue pics of Mindaribba House and the fab styling by The Wedding Designer.

Once I found the venue…..drove past it about 4 times on the day of rehearsal……..I was besotted with it.  I love, love love this wedding venue.  If you are looking for a luxe, stylish, yet relaxed venue for an all-in-one destination weekend celebration in the Hunter….look no further than Mindaribba House. Simply gorgeous!

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