Life & Love and Relationship Wellbeing

Sarah gets to the heart of the problem and is passionate about empowering people to consciously create, learn, heal, grow, succeed, laugh and celebrate their life and love. Her mission is to heal the world – heart, mind, body and soul – and inspire people to live an authentically heart-led life. Sarah assists people to transition from a fear-based life to love-based living by helping them to love themselves, their work, their bodies, their family, their spouse, their community and the planet.

The journey through Life & Love is a constant series of changes and transitions. Sarah specialises in coaching people through the full spectrum of life & love events – birth, puberty, education, career, dating, parenthood, marriage, divorce, midlife and even death.

Marriage & Relationship Therapy  – Specialising in the Gottman Couples Institute Method. Sarah has been working with couples for more than 12 years with a high rate of success – (although couples therapy works best the sooner a couple experiencing challenge and strain can get help before things escalate beyond repair). Couples therapy, whilst it can be a significant time and financial investment, in the long term, offers a more sustainable, affordable and viable alternative to the trauma, loss and disruption caused through separation and divorce.

Sarah has produced a companion online course resource for her therapy couples call “Creating a Miracle Marriage”. The course offers a unique and comprehensive relationship coaching that goes both deep and practical with all video tutorials delivered personally by Sarah. These teachings are based on Sarah’s lived, loved and proven Miracle Marriage method, outlined in her eBook, Miracle Marriage Manifesto, and underpinned by her training in Gottman Institute Couples Therapy.

Divorce Support, Separation Coaching and Co-Parenting Mediation – Assisting couples to “consciously uncouple’ – parting with awareness, grace and intact – and help to continue to transform ongoing parenting relationships into mutually respectful working relationships.

End-of-Life, Grief and Loss Coaching – Supporting individuals and families with difficult changes and losses – from relationships ending, personal or professional losses and changes, changes in health, diagnosis of a serious or life threatening illness, loss of health, dying and death.

Sarah has produced a FREE 4X video series call “Landscapes of Life & Love and Loss – Traversing the pathway of dying, death and grief”. This series offers FREE 4 x video discussing how to begin the conversation about death – why we need to think about death; how to prepare for death; how to manage the shock of death; how to caretake the grieving; and how to integrate death into life & love. A FREE downloadable handbook is also provided to help you.

Parenting/Family Coaching – Preparation for the transition to parenting and growing your family and the fears/limiting decisions that can hamper a smooth transition from both a personal, emotional, physical, career and relational perspective.

Emotional Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching – Tending to the Body, Mind & Spirit – It is all connected. Whatever gets uncovered in our sessions it all begins with the mind. NLP Coaching can help with your health – weight issues, smoking, and many dis-ease; Your state of wellbeing – anxiety, phobias, compulsions, depression, fears; and all your health, mind and body habits and beliefs.

Sarah has a companion online course that supports her face2face coaching – “How Do You Feel? – Using the intelligence of our emotions to heal and be whole in Life & Love”. This course offers a intensive training experience of 20 x video tuturials taking you on a teaching journey through the world of feelings and emotions. To learn more and watch the first video in the series – click here.

Career Coaching – Provides a holistic approach to transitioning through career crossroads, challenges and conflicts; and providing guidance and motivation to uncover and live your life purpose. As we grow through life & love our career motivations and challenges change too and are often are rooted in deeper issues and intertwined with the wider aspects of our lives.

Life & Love Holistic Therapy and Coaching is by appointment only. Sarah practices out Gosford on the Central Coast and also offers a mobile executive service at your office location. Once a coaching partnership has been established, Sarah also provides ongoing coaching by phone or Zoom.

Relationship Therapy – Packages, Programs & Retreats

Miracle Marriage Breakthrough Program

Marriage “Reboot” – Wake Up, Skill Up

(15hr Assessment & Therapy Sessions)

  • Circuit break the creep of bad habits and restart your marriage into a new growth phase
  • Upshift your relationship skills and expand your mindset & heartset to thrive, not just survive, the life of your love.
  • Develop the space and resources for emotional intimacy; relationships skills, communication principles and strategies to create’ Lifelong Loving’ throughout your marriage
  • Investment: 
    • Assessment (Phase 1 – 6 hrs) – 1 x first together session (2hrs)  + 2 x individual sessions (1.5hrs each) + 1 x together session (1hr) to review/summarise + each couple completing the Gottman Relationship Inventory – see attached handout – online psychometric testing (90-120mins) valued at $395/couple. Cost of Phase 1 – $995 (Save $230)
    • Therapeutic  (Phase 2 – 8 hrs) – 4 x 2hr sessions with already built in 10% discount. Cost of Phase 2 – First block of 4 therapy sessions is discounted from $1749+ to $1250 (Save $495)
    • PLUS, as a complementary resource to the therapeutic session work the Creating a Miracle Marriage Online Course for Couples, of 10 x videos of skills and practices (valued $349)

Relationship Rescue – Marathon Sessions (10hrs)

For Couples at Make or Break 

Triage and Circuit Break Relationship Collapse

(2-DAY INTENSIVE  – Weekday/Weekend Packages)

Pre-Session Assessment ($1000)  includes:

  • Couple Intake Questionnaire & Interview with Sarah Tolmie (Zoom – 1hr)
  • Gottman Online Relationship Assessment Inventory (online clinical tool)
  • 2 x Individual Zoom sessions with couple prior to face2face intensive days (1hr each)
  • Plus Creating a Miracle Marriage Online Course for Couples (valued at $349)

10hr Marathon Session – 2 x Full Days back to back with Sarah Tolmie – (Weekday or Weekend)

  • Day 1  (5hrs): #1. 9.30-10.30am; #2. 11-1pm; and #3. 2-4pm
  • Day 2  (5hrs): #1 9.30 -1130am; #2 12.30 – 2.30pm; and #3 3-4pm


    • 2 Days Marathon Package (10hrs) – $3000
    • 1/weekday + 1/weekend day Marathon Package (10hrs) – $3500
    • 2 Weekend Days Marathon Package – $4000

Creating a Miracle Marriage

Pre-Marriage Preparation

(2.5hr Private Workshop @$395)

  • Start your marriage with the best foundation for success, empowerment and enjoyment.
  • Acquire a proven and sustainable framework for understanding the natural cycles and cycles and flow of life and love within the unity of relationship
  • Learn skills, communication principles and strategies to approach conflict, change, growth, needs, intimacy and desires in a healthy and loving way.
  • $649 for Workshop + Creating a Miracle Marriage Online Course ($95 saving)

Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Coaching

Cancer-Care Hypnotherapy Bundle

Emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual care bundle of therapy & hypnotherapy to support cancer diagnosis and/or treatment. Addresses fear & anxiety; helps to ‘reframe & receive’ treatment’ as healing; and strengthens family relationships during the stress of treatment.


  • 2 x 1 hr Talk Therapy Sessions
  • 1 x Hypnotherapy Session + Recording of Hypnotherapy

Package Cost – $595

Session Fee Guide

First introductory sessions require an “talk session” to get a client history and understanding of the issues and goals. This first session requires either a 90mins – 2 hour session duration. Ongoing therapy sessios can receivea  10% discount for pre-paid and pre-booked session blocks (minimum of 2 sessions booked and paid in advance).

Home visit surcharge is 25% of session fee.

Individual Investment:

  • Introductory First Session – 2hrs – $250
  • 1 hr session – $160
  • 1.5 hr session – $215 (preffered time duration for session – allows for talk and therapeutic processes)
  • 2 hr session – $285.
  • Discount on multi-session prepaid. 10% discount for 2 x sessions. 15% discount for 4 x Sessions. 20% discount for 5 x sessions

(crisis/overflow into next hour beyond scheduled appointment time @$160/hr)

General Therapy Session Rates – Couple Investment:

•Introductory Session – 2hrs – $315
•1 hr session – $215
•1.5 hr session – $285
•2 hr session – $350

  • Discount on multi-session prepaid. 10% discount for 2 x sessions. 15% discount for 4 x Sessions. 20% discount for 5 x sessions

•Gottman Relationship Inventory (online assessment) + 2hr review session with Sarah – $435
•Individual-only Sessions (ie. not together) – $160/hr – $215/90mins
•NO Medicare or Health Fund rebates are available for couple therapy.


Prices effective from 1 July 2023

Group & Corporate Consulting

Grief, Change & Loss Coaching – Holistic Consultant Services – Therapeutic Support & Care
Sarah offers counselling through any change, challenge, crisis, loss & bereavement; private pastoral care consultations; professional challenge and crisis counselling and debriefing. Sarah provides consulting services to support families / communities & workplaces where a beloved member is facing illness, death and dying including end-of-life support plans, end-stage rituals and funeral/memorial services.


  • Initial Brief – $160/hr
  • Group (3-12 people) – $355/hr
  • Corporate Day Rate – $1295