2040 – Fact-based dreaming to create a better future.

On the Coast #Families  – February March 2020 2040 – Fact-based dreaming to create a better future. Over the summer holidays our family became a bit fatigued at the stress of the bushfire emergency, the unrelenting news coverage and its link to the real climate emergency our planet is [...]

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100 Years creating the new human

Kidz on the Coast - JUNE 2019 100 EDITIONS SPECIAL 100 Years creating the new human Happy 100th issue Kidz on the Coast.   And congratulations on the new evolution of the magazine. So much can grow and develop in 100 issues or 100 days. What about 100 years! What [...]

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Find your Xmas Miracle… your Marriage

Kidz on the Coast –Dec/Jan 2019 Christmas and summer holidays offer up postcards of family joy, good times, love and togetherness, yet often the story behind the happy snaps can be one of strain, stress and relationship challenge. At this time of year, as a relationship coach and marriage [...]

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What beat is the Music of your Soul?

Kidz on the Coast - January 2019 Over the summer break I read the brick sized autobiography of Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones and the original rock’n’roll outlaw.  What a great read! What an unexpected thoughtful and endearing character and personality he turned out to be.  [...]

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Equality begins at home and benefits all

Kidz on the Coast - April/May 2019 Unless you have been off grid, under a rock or on a total social media detox you cannot be missing the debates and discourse around #metoo, women’s rights and gender equality. In fact, in the last few years there has been a [...]

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There’s nothing silly about New Years goals – Seniors on the Coast January 2017

I love beginning a new year. My favourite public holiday is New Year’s Day. Christmas is done and dusted, summer is in full swing, people are still in a festive, relaxed holiday mode and the Universe gives us a fresh canvas. It’s a cosmic dose of hope and love [...]

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Peace on earth begins with your family

Kidz on the Coast (Dec/Jan 2015) When I interview couples for their weddings, and I ask about the importance of their family, this phrase is almost word for word repeated countless times, “my family is my world”. I think this is even more true than we know….even for people who [...]

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Evolving into Being – Seniors on the Coast Jun/Jul 2015

This weekend my mum celebrated her 72nd birthday. Over the course of the weekend she was guest of honour and indulged with beautiful gatherings and gifted many lovely presents. It culminated in a long lazy lunch surrounded by her trusty gaggle of wonderful gal pals, who adore and admire her [...]

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Life & Love in the NOW

Kidz on the Coast Article (Feb 2015) I love the beginning of a new year. I love reviewing my progress, reassessing my dreams and desires and setting new goals. Yes, I am a New Years nerd, preferring the emerging light of a New Years Day sunrise over a NYE party. Give [...]

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