Kidz on the Coast – JUNE 2019 100 EDITIONS SPECIAL

100 Years creating the new human

Happy 100th issue Kidz on the Coast.   And congratulations on the new evolution of the magazine.

So much can grow and develop in 100 issues or 100 days. What about 100 years! What will 2119 look like?

I wonder what the future is for our children. What will be the directions of change? Will there be peace? Will there be a liveable climate? What will be the nature of education, work and play?

It’s the nature of things to continue to evolve.  The cosmos itself is on ever forward expansion into new complexity, new iterations.

Just recently an amazing woman completed her time here on earth. Her name was Barbara Marx Hubbard, an 89 year old futurist, once vice presidential candidate for the US National Democrats in the 1980s, and in her last decades of life she began a pivotal multidisciplinary movement to advance the conscious evolution of humanity.

Barbara’s philosophical, spiritual and social innovations in thinking argued that just like all other forces in nature, humans are also on an evolutionary pathway.  Homo Sapiens is not the end of the line.

She outlined that so far there have been three major evolutions.  Our origins began with the first big bang, known cosmological evolution. The second ‘evolutionary’ big bang was a biological evolution with the emergence of life forms. The third ‘big bang’ was created by the human heart and mind. She called this the cultural cultural evolution.

This is where our current evolutionary ‘pit stop’ has been for as long as the known recorded history of humanity so far, but Barbara argued that the human species, as all of nature follows, must continue its evolution. The next and fourth ‘big bang’ in store for us is the awakening of an ‘Inner Evolution’ itself, from a deep impulse inside us. We are now experiencing the emergence of Conscious Evolution.

The meaning of conscious evolution is that through our knowledge, technology and collective advances, the direction of our evolving can now come down to choice and desire.

Depending on how we can choose, and what we want, the human race can direct itself towards an enhanced way of existing.

Key to our continued progress is developing our connection, compassion & community, and choosing to follow the path of love. Choosing to be our best selves by developing our passions and gifts and following our calling and desires.

She called the next iteration of human, moving towards collective cohesion and a globally united community as Homo Amor Universalis.

I love the sound of that! The path is LOVE. Now that is not rocket science. Love our neighbours. Love our planet.  Love our selves.

However, in my work helping individuals, couples and families through relationship challenge and trauma, I know that LOVE is easier said than done.  Despite all the advances, innovations and evolutionary leaps in knowledge, it seems that relationships are still stuck in the previous millennium.  We could do with a quantum leap into new relationship skills. We could start with a rapid update on our capacity for empathy, forgiveness, gratitude and intimacy.

I believe it is happening. This next evolutionary impulse is driven by education, technology, innovations and the dismantling of old institutions and shifts in political and economic systems towards greater equality and justice. It is spreading as our connectivity spreads and we break down the walls that divide us. When we see we have more that unites us than divides us, we can feel safe to choose love.

Our children and the digital natives of the younger generation fill me with so much hope because they are emerging as a very different species already.  I see my kids and their friends possess a heightened capacity for acceptance, connection and creativity.  They are, of course the generation born with almost too many choices, but somehow I have faith they know instinctively the path of LOVE feels right and desirable. They are leading the way.

Our emergent, evolving version of humanity and future depends on what we choose.  It asks what do you love? What do you want?