Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is a transformative and expansive journey on many levels – physically, personally, spiritually, emotionally.


A motherhood blessingway is babyshower with a difference. It is a motherhood ceremony where women gather together to shower the expectant mother with their love and respect and prepare her for her brave journey into motherhood.

From ancient communities, a blessingway – meaning “blessing the way” – is a powerful and spiritual celebration of a woman’s passage to motherhood where she has all her important women friends and relatives around her to celebrate and honour the woman she is in a sacred way. It is for the sharing of wisdoms and the giving of love and support.

The blessingway ceremony is an interactive experience which invites each woman to participate through storytelling, poetry, song, ritual, creativity, pampering, feasting and celebrating being women together.

It is a different, lovely, special and moving experience. And of course fun too. My intention is that not only will it nourish and strengthen the expectant mother for the transformative journey she is experiencing, but also give each of participant a way to celebrate who they are as women and share that with each other.

With breath, thought and words, and with all my love
I pray for Laura, Anthony and their baby.
I pray for calm and peace to surround them during the birth
I pray for the feelings of joy and love to flow in their hearts
I pray for a safe arrival and skilful doctors and nurses
Dear baby, may you feel the arms of your mother and father,
and hear their voices whisper your name,
and know that you are loved and safe.
Welcome to the world precious baby.