Start your marriage with the best foundation for success, empowerment and enjoyment. 

Refresh and Renew your marriage into a new growth phase

Arrest pervasive and toxic conflict and learn how to maintain dialogue, connection and intimacy through any challenge or issue

Upshift your relationship skills and mindset/ heartset to thrive, not just survive

Learn strategies to creating Lifelong Loving throughout the evolution of your marriage

In the areas of Love, Relationships and Marriages, Sarah is an experienced relationship coach and a fully trained marriage therapist using the Gottman Couples Institute Method (the worlds’ best evidenced-based approach to couples therapy with 40 years of ongoing research to prove it).

Sarah has been working with couples for more than 6 years with a high rate of success – (although couples therapy works best the sooner a couple experiencing challenge and strain can get help before things escalate beyond repair).

Couples therapy, whilst it can be a significant time and financial investment, in the long term, offers a more sustainable, affordable and viable alternative to the trauma, loss and disruption caused through separation and divorce.

Sarah offers a series of coaching programs and marriage, therapy and mentoring, that can assist couples from the beginning of relationship and all the changes, challenges and transitions along the way.

In addition to regular seminars and workshops where couples can immerse in an an easy, insightful and fun entry into the foundations of Miracle Marriage principles, Sarah also offers a complete suite of mentoring, coaching and assessment and therapeutic support to assist couples in the understandings and skills involved to expand and enrich the experience of partnership in committed love and marriage.

Sarah’s teachings and therapeutic approaches are relevant for all couples (hetero or same-sex) preparing for marriage or committed relationship – for newly married couples as well as established relationships that need a reboot, upshift and refres; to couples in high stress and marital crisis.  Sarah believes every couple can benefit from investing in their relationship and throughout the many relationship stages over a lifetime, it is necessary to resource with new skills, commitments and insights to support lifelong loving.

Sarah teaches an updated and contemporary model of marriage – based on her Miracle Marriage Manifesto – for the 21st century, moving away from an outdated model of marriage based on economic/familial/community survival to an evolved perspective of marriage as the foundation for individual, couple and family/community “thrival” and full expression.

Whether you want to Create a Miracle Marriage – or – have a Miracle Marriage Makeover, Sarah’s approach to mentoring couples on how to create conscious lifelong loving.

Her offerings include:

Creating a ‘Miracle Marriage’ – Pre-marriage Relationship Skills Workshop

Miracle Marriage Breakthrough Program – A starter package of assessment & therapy (15hrs) for couples to break-through the creep of bad habits, disharmony and disconnection back towards love, trust, intimacy and growth.

Miracle Marriage Makeover Retreat – A package of assessment, therapy and private ‘marathon mentoring’ that involves a 2-day off-site retreat for marriages in challenge and crisis.

Miracle Marriage Series22

Principle Understandings of a Miracle Marriage
A Miracle is a shift in perception – a love-based, heart driven mindset – that leads to a change in thinking and feeling that creates a new reality

A Miracle is an awakening to conscious creation and moving away from unconscious (default) behaviours that re-create undesirable outcomes

A Miracle can be found any time you inhabit a state of love, grace, forgiveness and acceptance.

Miracles happen from the inside out.

‘Miracles’ involve a desired vision that you learn and grow towards and live into Love

A Miracle Marriage is an exquisite invitation to be conscious in love, where lovingbecomes a conscious choice and a decision to be conscious.

Miracle Marriages are in perpetual creation, evolving love to be deeper, better and stronger.

*Please note ‘relationship coaching’ is different to ‘relationship counselling’ and is not mandatory for couples engaging in marriage. This coaching training is an optional value-added enrichment choice for Sarah’s wedding clients, and any other couples preparing for marriage, available to anyone, whether they utilise Sarah’s celebrancy services or not.

** Please also note, in order to avoid any conflict of interest, Sarah does not provide ‘relationship counselling’ to couples who are currently booked as wedding ceremony clients.