untitled323Life & Love Coaching gets to the heart of the problem. Sarah is passionate about empowering people to consciously create, learn, heal, grow, succeed, laugh and celebrate their life and love.

Her mission is to heal the world – heart, mind, body and soul – and inspire people to live an authentically heart-led life.

Sarah assists people to transition from a fear-based life to love-based living by helping them to love themselves, their work, their bodies, their family, their spouse, their community and the planet.

The journey through Life & Love is a constant series of changes and transitions. Sarah specialises in coaching people through the full spectrum of life & love events – birth, puberty, education, career, dating, parenthood, marriage, divorce, midlife and even death.

Sarah understands that even in the area of business, prosperity and career success, the foundations of dysfunction are rooted in deeper issues around self love and worth and the limiting beliefs we hold are often beyond conscious awareness. Depending on what we choose – fear or love – this will ultimately dictate the quality of our relationships with our self, our loved ones and family; our health & wellbeing; our work performance & success and our sense of purpose within our community at large.

Sarah is a Master NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (R) and Hypnotherapy. Sarah brings to her practice both a highly intuitive and sensitive approach and more than 15 years experience in corporate communications and small business. Sarah is also a Life & Love Celebrant, creating profound and meaningful ceremonies for all life & love events.

How can Life & Love Coaching assist you?

Love Coaching (for singles) – Helping you love yourself, identify your relationship patterns and wants, and remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from being relationship ready. Check out current dates for Sarah’s Love & Relationship Readiness Group Coaching Programs

Conscious Love Coaching & Marriage Preparation – in addition to being a celebrant, Sarah offers couples an holistic approach to preparing for marriage sharing her guidance and wisdoms for conscious loving, along with relationship & communication skills and strategies for a fulfilling lifelong union.  *Please note ‘relationship coaching’ is different to ‘counselling’ and is not mandatory for couples engaging in marriage. This coaching training is an optional value-added enrichment choice for Sarah’s wedding clients, and any other couples preparing for marriage, available to anyone, whether they utilise Sarah’s celebrancy services or not.

Relationship & Marriage Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring & Retreats – Sarah is a fully trained marriage therapist and combines her Miracle Marriage approach with the scientific and evidenced based couple coaching therapy framework from the Gottman Couples Institute. Marriage renewal, enrichment & transition coaching to keep your relationship alive and loving through all the transition points in your life. ** Please note, in order to avoid any conflict of interest, Sarah does not provide relationship coaching to couples who are currently booked as wedding ceremony clients.

Divorce Coaching – Assisting couples to “consciously uncouple’ – parting with awareness, grace and intact.

End-of-Life, Grief and Loss Coaching – Supporting individuals and families with difficult changes and losses – from relationships ending, personal or professional losses and changes, changes in health, diagnosis of a serious or life threatening illness, loss of health, dying and death.

Parenting/Family Coaching – Preparation for the transition to parenting and growing your family and the fears/limiting decisions that can hamper a smooth transition from both a personal, emotional, physical, career and relational perspective.

Conception / Pregnancy Coaching – Sarah also assists healthy couples gain success in falling pregnant, when the only thing preventing successful conception are the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Career Coaching – Provides a holistic approach to transitioning through career crossroads, challenges and conflicts; and providing guidance and motivation to uncover and live your life purpose. As we grow through life & love our career motivations and challenges change too and are often are rooted in deeper issues and intertwined with the wider aspects of our lives.

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching – Tending to the Body, Mind & Spirit – It is all connected. Whatever gets uncovered in our sessions it all begins with the mind. NLP Coaching can help with your health – weight issues, smoking, and many dis-ease; Your state of wellbeing – anxiety, phobias, compulsions, depression, fears; and all your health, mind and body habits and beliefs.

Life & Love Coaching is by appointment only. Sarah practices out of two locations in private rooms at Fairlight (Sydney) and Gosford on the Central Coast and also offers a mobile executive service at your office location. Once a coaching partnership has been established, Sarah also provides ongoing coaching by phone or Skype.