Kidz on the Coast Article (Feb 2015)


I love the beginning of a new year. I love reviewing my progress, reassessing my dreams and desires and setting new goals. Yes, I am a New Years nerd, preferring the emerging light of a New Years Day sunrise over a NYE party. Give me an unknown horizon any day over the nostalgia of the past.

But sometimes my gaze can often be distracted, focussing too longingly into the future, so seduced by the fantastical of the yet to be realised and the energy of potent potential, that I can risk failing to grasp the reality and pleasure of today and the ‘right now’ moments. I have to remain vigilant and ground myself in the power of now, (to quote the famous Eckhart Tolle).  He is right too! The only power we have is in the now.

The now moment is the only one in which you can ACT. The now moment is the only place of transformation and miracle.  The now moment is the only place you can embody.

Your past, it is all interpretation. Your future, it is all projection. But in the now, you will experience truth.  Whatever you are feeling ‘right now’ is your truth. Whatever your body is experiencing ‘right now’ is your reality. Whatever action you take ‘right now’ determines what happens next.

Therefore, my New Year’s resolution is not to just work hard towards the realisation of my ‘future dreams and desires’ as if they are forever in my future, but to also live into them now, and inhabit them, in each moment on the journey towards their actualising into reality.

Sure, I have goals for my health, finances, business, relationship, home and lifestyle which will take a while to attain, but underlying each tangible goal, is a root feeling or ‘state of being’ that each one represents and this can be immediately accessed.

The experience of these feelings is not premised on achieving any measurable goal or outcome. These feelings can be found within my own deeply held values for security, love, abundance, happiness, wellness, meaning and joy and I can feel them at any time, in the now.  I can access these whenever I live to the truth of me and choose them recognise them in my reality.

Teachers of the Law of Attraction will tell you that in order to attract anything into your life, you have to already be vibrating (since everything is energy) at the same frequency of what you desire.

Or in the wise words of Ghandi, “be the change you want to see in the world”.

If you want to manifest a loving relationship, you need to be in loving relationship. In order to attract wealth or money, you need to inhabit an attitude of abundance. In order to nurture good health, you need to think, feel, and behave well.

In other words, we already have everything that we want and desire available to us at any moment. The ancient mystics have said that the space between the breath in and the breath out, holds the infinite potential of the entire universe, just like the infinity space between 0 – 1.

It is in the present ‘now” where you get to choose your presence of mind and choose your reality. I can choose thoughts and create feelings of security, love, abundance, happiness, wellness, meaning and joy anytime I decide to make that my focus.

There are some habits and practices that can support a return to being in the moment and shifting into ‘presencing’ your desires into the ‘now’ with intention and choice.

Here are three simple practices, one for each level – mind-body-spirit – to help with being mindfully in the now of your life & love:

  1. For the mind: A daily practice of being grateful and looking for the good
  2. For the body: A daily practice of honouring and tending to your body – breath work, laughter, singing, dancing, exercise, mediation, yoga or simple mindfulness movement.
  3. For the spirit: A daily practice of prayer, devotions, emotional honouring & release, and forgiveness.

Much love. Sarah

Sarah Tolmie is a Life & Love celebrant, coach, pastoral carer and consultant assisting people to celebrate, navigate, grow and heal through all their life & love transitions. Her practice focuses on love & relationships, families & children; life success & fulfilment, death & grief. As a Celebrant Sarah create profound and meaningful ceremonies for all life & love events. Sarah is also a Laughter Yoga Practitioner. You can visit her website  and receive her Daily Love updates on her Facebook page at Sarah Tolmie – Life & Love.